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Chanel Butterflies by Stephen Wilson Studio

Chanel Butterflies by Stephen Wilson Studio

The petite swarms are a signature piece at the studio. They start with up-cycled luxury boxes or shopping bags that are trimmed into the background shape, collaged and then embroidered. The embroidery is stitched directly through the actual box itself. Each petite features intricate embroidery stitches that truly make each one unique. Nice the background is complete it is padded and mounted. The butterflies are all embroidered as well and are stitched and hand trimmed in our studio. Each butterfly is mounted in relief on the background for a truly unique, dimensional piece of artwork. The Butterfly Swarm petites would make the perfect gift for any art or fashion lover.


Each petite is framed and mounted in acrylic.

Each is unique and signed and numbered on the back

Framed size is 5” wide by 5” high


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